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The Hypocrisy of Ricky Gervais Anti-Hunting Crusade


“This tofu & rice was old and sad and wanted me to kill it. Now I will eat it.” How can we forget the mocking twitter line from Ricky Gervais, pictured next to Rebecca Francis who harvested a bull giraffe on an African safari? We will spare the details of Rebecca’s ethical kill that fed local villages. What is relevant is Gervais’s “kill shot,” the truth behind his tofu and rice.

Tofu is produced from soybeans, which happen to be one of the most environmentally destructive crops on the planet. You know what else is? Rice.

Soybean farming is one of the largest destructive forces to the Amazon Rainforests. In Brazil alone, that helped contribute to over 50,000 square miles of rainforest being cut down in five years. After all, Brazil only produces 20% of the world’s oxygen. We can rant for pages on the facts about how severe of an impact soybean farming has on an international level.

Ironically, Ricky Gervais’s “old and sad” bowl with tofu is part of the largest threat to endangered wildlife in the Amazon. Just for a quick reality check, Rebecca’s giraffe was not endangered.

In the United States there are over 80 million acres of soybeans being grown, 80% of which are genetically modified (It is estimated that nearly 2/3 of the world’s soybeans are GMO). If there is one thing that gets us going at, it is GMO’s. These pesticide-resistant plants allow for the spraying of large amounts of chemicals that not only destroy the natural ecosystems, but also threaten the health of humans.

Before you anti-hunters start with the “80% of soy is used to feed livestock” argument, this is We are wild game eaters and have an active reputation for fighting against corporate farming and GMO’s. And don’t forget, you are still the other 20% of the problem. Feel free to watch our controversial film “The Original Red Meat” about one of our sustainable food sources.

While we will spare all of you another lengthy explanation on how rice is also contributing to the downfall of our planet, we hope that Ricky Gervais stops promoting environmentally destructive practices. Although his millionaire status may allow him to buy organically or be eco-conscious with his soy products, we are sure this is not the case for his millions of followers.

Ricky, we will also spare you from death threats, as they are reckless and dangerous. But maybe the humans of one of the largest modern tragedies of slavery would feel differently. Those are the thousands of Brazilian soybean workers fighting for their freedom and fearing for their lives. Congratulations and thank you for killing that tofu, as it is truly a threat to modern conservation.

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70 Responses to The Hypocrisy of Ricky Gervais Anti-Hunting Crusade

  1. Jackie Myers says:


  2. Will Ferguson says:

    That has to be the dumbest shit I’ve ever herd. Can you not see the differance between shooting a fucking giraffe and eating tofu? And for Christs sake if your going to ‘report on a situation at least describe what the other parties did, for all I know you guys are pissed at Ricky Gervais eating to

    • HunterGreen.Org says:

      You mean report how she harvested a Giraffe on a request from local who then ate it? I do not see how that is destructive in comparison to someone promoting the destruction of the rain forest with millions of followers or condoning death threats. That pretty cut and dry. Have a great weekend!

    • A.J. DeRosa says:

      I love how its ok for someone like Ricky Gervais to stereotype and fail to tell the whole story constantly. Then facts are thrown back and people are like “report on the situation”. The reports quick, she killed a Giraffe that’s the circle of life, a natural act. Did not involve decimating an entire eco-system for an unnaturally processed bowl of Tofu.

    • Gabriel says:

      I *you’re* going to say something is dumb please learn the difference between your and you’re. For the love of all whiny little shits like yourself. Also, understanding what to and too means would be helpful. Punctuations and correct grammar are *your* friends. Now proceed with talking about someone else’s intelligence.

    • JD says:

      Speaking of dumbshit Will. Have you heard the herd is minus one giraffe. The locals ate it.

    • Dan says:

      Your grammar and spelling is atrocious. Maybe you should get more protein in your diet… it helps you study.

    • Peter says:

      You compare eating tofu to shooting the giraffe instead of eating meat vs cutting down 50,000 acres of forest. If you’re going to compare atrocious actions, then compare the correct ones. Eating vs eating, killing vs killing. Get it right.

    • Dale Gerard Wehrhahn says:

      You do realize the FACTS behind this don’t you? They have been placed out in plain sight. Don’t aimlessly banter it doesn’t do you or your cause any justice. Do some research and conduct yourself properly when trying to make a statement. Hunting isn’t a bad thing if you utilize the entire animal. Killing for pure sport has never been an interest to me personally. To each their own as long as aren’t destroying the planet. Oh wait tofu and rice are… Maybe we need to reconsider the “healthy choices” in life.

    • rogerbaker says:

      What herd were you talking about and what about my going?

  3. Will Ferguson says:

    No she killed a giraffe becouse she enjoys shooting shit. You really think she have a fuck what others had to eat? If she was doing it for the good of others she wouldn’t take a photo of it and call it a trophy. In no way was Ricky Gervais promoting tofu you belend he took a picture of his fucking dinner.

    • HunterGreen.Org says:

      Will, we are glad you somehow know what everyone was thinking and doing. We would love an article contribution from you that teaches everyone this amazing super hero skill.

    • Damn son says:

      I hope ur a vegan Will

    • Ty says:

      Yeah so did she you stupid s$#%

    • Hunter heaven says:

      Really, she wouldn’t of been allowed to hunt the game animal if it wasn’t agreed to the amount to harvest, which is dollar amount, and what was going to be done with the meat…you people are all so fucked up in your own little world…do some research..and Gervais family is also part of the fox hunts that still go on in england, study that to..idoit

    • rogerbaker says:

      No”,” she killed a giraffe “becouse” she enjoys shooting shit. You really think she ??have?? a **** what others had to eat? If she “was” doing it for the good of others”,” she wouldn’t take a photo of it and call it a trophy. In no way”,” was Ricky Gervais promoting tofu, you ???belend??? “,” he took a picture of his ****ing dinner.

      Will, What is becouse? What is a belend?

    • ricky says:

      you sir I will pay 500 dollars to ____ off because theres a rule around this part you shoot it you eat it so ___ off and go eat the shit off the plants our food ____ on

  4. Will Ferguson says:

    Until Ricky Gervais says personally that he premotes the deforestation and destruction of ecosystems claiming he does is the most idiotic move imaginable. This isn’t even an article ffs this is propaganda.

    • A.J. DeRosa says:

      So Ricky Gervais posting images of Hunters without any back story or them “personally’ making a statement is not propaganda… Double standards.

    • John says:

      Will funny thing is people promoting a food source that does more harm than hunting. You are obviously blinded by a failed ideology that resorts to name calling and a complete ignorance to FACTS. You are the type of people that need to learn to open your eyes and learn to think for yourself. Celebs on the left will never care about you or anything besides furthering their own agendas which they are bought and payed for by those who are making billions perpetuating the lies further.

    • Nico says:

      Will, seeing that you are calling is propaganda isn’t that what all the anti’s are spreading as well. I sincerely hope that you are a Vegan if not then keep quiet. Just because we are willing to go out and hunt for our food, does not mean that you have the right to attack us.

      I am a hunter, live with it. I will never apologize for the that nor will will I tolerate any person who “attacks” my way of life.

  5. ummm…ok I appreciate you giving me some educational facts I always appreciate learning something new but that does not take my focus away from the fact she killed a freaking giraffe!!!!….not for food ….not because he was suffering and it was humane ….but for freaking SPORT!!!! That giraffe’s life was more important than her need for a stupid trophy

    • John says:

      Obviously you cannot read, she killed said Giraffe for a local who requested it and it was used to FEED people. Fucking illiterate morons!

      • Nico says:

        Veronica, have you ever been to Africa?

        I live here and I am Professional Hunter. It is not up to the hunter to decide as they are not allowed to take any meat. We on the other hand have already made arrangements for the meat, 99.9% of the time the meat goes to either the locals whom are most probably starving or have not seen meat for a very long time. If not that we donate the meat to a predator park.

    • Hunter Dan says:

      Well. Obviously, like almost everyone else, you failed to read her side of the story. The giraffe was very old and had been kicked out of the herd. It was near death. They ASKED her to take it so the meat could feed local villages as opposed to the giraffe dying alone and the meat just going to waste. In addition, she never planned on taking a giraffe on her hunt. The idea was brought to her by the locals. So yeah. Not so terrible if you ask me.

    • Woody says:

      I can tell you know nothing about hunting, this animal was hunted legally. It was probably an older nuisance animal that had been relocated a few times but kept coming back, so then a tag was put on that animal so it can be hunted. And most times people like her pay to go in and hunt these animals, and the money goes to conservation areas there, local groups, etc. Plus the meat is eaten and the animal isn’t wasted. People like you need to do a bit of research on this type of thing before spouting off about it.

    • Stacy says:

      It says right there in the article it FED local villages.

    • Lance says:

      No actually her exact reasoning for even doing the hunt was for conservation. She was asked to do the hunt because he was really old and about to die anyways. She took the picture to remember the event. Do not presume to say why she did it when she did an article explaining her reasoning which was for conservation, food for villages, and the amazing experience. You don’t get to dictate why she did it when she already stated the facts.

    • Peretti says:

      Um…but she did kill it for food…and because it was old and dieing and they didn’t want it to go to waste.

    • Dale Gerard Wehrhahn says:

      Did you happen to read the entirety of the article? Or are you telling the world what you THINK happened. You need to further yourself in the department of “pulling your head or of your ass”. Ta at for now!

    • George says:

      do we look like we do it for trophies you damn city slickers haha oh my lord y’all are so stupid… haha.. excuse me while I take a dip and spit it on your shoes because we don’t take that shit around here we shoot for food and she shot one damn giraffe one out of and I quote 80,000 once again one out of 80,000 oh please excuse me while I got shoot one rabit out of a million that will sure hurt the population…. y’all can go eat your vegetables and kill our food

  6. Mojo George says:

    I sense alot of butthurt in the comments….

    • Woody says:

      I can tell you know nothing about hunting, this animal was hunted legally. It was probably an older nuisance animal that had been relocated a few times but kept coming back, so then a tag was put on that animal so it can be hunted. And most times people like her pay to go in and hunt these animals, and the money goes to conservation areas there, local groups, etc. Plus the meat is eaten and the animal isn’t wasted. People like you need to do a bit of research on this type of thing before spouting off about it.

  7. Hondo says:

    I got a great idea, shut the fuck up and deal with it or will reintroduce the wolf! I know those mean machines will take care of those long legged Dinos

  8. That Guy says:

    Lesson one: As the writer stated many times, throughout the article and comments, she killed the giraffe at the request of a local village. Not as a trophy hunt. If one of the villagers had gone out, speared the animal and then eaten it, would you still be on your soapbox saying that it was a trophy hunt. As far as the rest of us are concerned, with more than two brain cells to rub together, she did a good thing. Lesson Two: Will, your obvious angered statements are only dulled with your use of profanity. Those words do not help state your point, they only show that when confronted with an argument, you resort to stupidity instead of clear, concise conversation.

  9. Kristen says:

    Ok… So here’s the thing. I am an avid hunter. I only kill what will feed my family and myself. On the flip side I also kill for conservation. Every dollar I spend on tags goes back into wildlife conservation. When people go on safari and hunt the money they spend goes back to helping save the endangered species in that area. I have no problem with the activists who want to save the animals but honestly, why would you read this if all you’re going to do is grouch about what it says. I am a hunter and I am not ashamed of it.

  10. Steve Dunkin says:

    Just by the way the pro hunters present themselves here is already a win. The Tofu eaters just don’t get it…

  11. Matt says:

    She, like many hunters, take photographs with their harvests. Veggie eaters take photographs of themselves and the veggies they’re killing too. My point is, humans have been recording these events since we have been on this planet. It first occurred with drawings and now we have digital photos. The reasons for recording these events are pride and recording a special event in our lives. The thing is hunters since the beginning have taken pride and still do in their accomplishments because it takes skill, knowledge, know how, marksmanship, and being able to put it all together for a successful harvest.

  12. Cat says:

    If she or who ever had not posted this photo publicly this controversy wouldn’t be happening. I feel people are upset because a lot of us are only familiar with giraffes from visits to the zoos. Sharing this type of photo will only upset some people, regardless of the reason behind it.

    • Dale Gerard Wehrhahn says:

      “Visits to the Zoo” well aren’t you a gem. Zoo’s are far more acceptable?… Cage the animals and take away everything known to them for your pleasure of seeing them near home. Take a vacation and go visit their natural habitat.

    • George says:

      god damn it… its one trophie for frigg sakes ONE!! y’all don’t get it because we are the only one out here that goes out and shoots and kills and grab the trophie to show our friends and have a bbq and all that……. you know what NO ONE HAS FIGURED OUT THAT Y’ALL CITY SLICKERS EAT DAMN HORSES AND COWS!!!!….. god damn it im gonna let that sink in

  13. Chase P says:

    Absolutely love it. I am an avid hunter myself, my buddy just had a hay day down in Africa taking all sorts of animals. Wish I coulda been there. However, I am usually skeptical when anybody drops statistics like “Soybean farming is one of the largest destructive forces to the Amazon Rainforests.” If there isn’t a reference to it, then I just kinda assume it is hearsay. That being said. I would LOVE to see studies that actually back up your words on tofu and rice being the most destructive crops. Not because I love tofu…I dont think I have ever had it, but because I want to shut the dumb asses up that talk about how good they are for the environment in their cute little prius’ (which are more harmful to the environment than most cars or trucks out there today) or plugin electric only vehicles, which are also more harmful to the environment (depending on the location and their source of power i.e. coal, natural gas, wind energy, solar etc.)

    Anyways, great article, if you can send me the sources/studies, I would love to look at them :)

  14. Dan says:

    Understand that to an outsider laying down next to an animal’s corpse with a smile on your face does not portray the image of an animal lover.

  15. shaun lachcik says:

    I AM A AVID BOW HUNTER and proud of it , on the other hand respect nature and all its animal’s! I EAT WHAT I KILL and only take what my family needs! Here is what I dont support and completely do not support , the Hollywood hunters and the way they lay on the ground with there kill to show off and the mockery of an exspired animal! ! Just shows your skill level is very low and you dont belong in the wilderness, you need to go back to your city and stay there with all the other idiots! !

  16. Matt 2 says:

    No matter how people feel about the picture it is NEVER acceptable to send death threats to a young girl. Period! Those people should be ashamed of themselves.

  17. Cat says:

    Agreed Dan!!

  18. squirrel eater says:

    eating soy products affects your vision and gives you crooked eyes

  19. Reformed tofu eater says:

    So everyone knows how to use Google right? If you have a question regarding the validity of soybean farming, just Google it.

  20. Achigan says:

    Hey Squirrel Eater, you racist, ignorant little @$$, quit wasting our oxygen.

  21. Andrew says:

    One has to laugh a little. Its rather typical of these people to rant about a single animal. Yet 800 000 animals died when they laid down the vet fence in Botswana – Giraffe are now almost extinct in the area. Then in Kenya, they allowed the elephant problem to expand beyond capacity and Tsavo drought killed thousands of Black rhino and elephant – not to mention many other animals. Again he misses the point where poor people are expected to live alongside wildlife purely for the benefit of tourists – yet completely forgets the resentment people have towards wildlife and animals who raid their crops and kill their livestock. So while only a small amount of protected area is suited to tourism – there is a need to extend protection further to the more marginal areas. The only way wildlife can justify its existence here is if the communities get tangible benefits, and this is achieved through hunting and harvesting wildlife on a sustainable basis.

    So Ricky – why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and visit these areas, work with the people and understand them – and then offer a solution. Or would you prefer that they ripped out all the trees and shrubs, and exterminated all wildlife to make your rice and beans.

  22. Dead Giraffe says:

    Trying to justify some dumb*** shooting a me is as demented as she is, you really think the photo of her smiling next to a my corpse is defendable? I don’t see beef farmers lying next to their cattle smiling after they’ve fried the brains out of their livestock which ‘is’ feeding others, no doubt I was skinned and she has my colours hanging on her wall while the rest of my harmless carcass was left to rot! $$$$wit!

    • HunterGreen.Org says:

      Lion meat is very commonly eaten in Africa and essential never left to waste. You are aware of how horrible of life cattle in feed lots have? So just cause they do not take pictures smile next to their corpses it justifies them to mass produce death in corporate farms? So people can avoid taking moral responsibility for their food source… Maybe you should learn the facts about your “animal rights” movement and come to the reality that hunters are the largest force in conservation.

    • George says:

      nope but im gonna lie next to my pile of cash and smile thought because that’s how we farmers live

  23. Aaqib says:

    Because of this hypocrite, a young women’s life was destroyed. Rebecca Francis had to move, eliminate her social media presence, not to mention all the rape and death threats she received. I hope this asshole gets his just dessert.

  24. Mike says:

    “Ricky Gervais does something hypocritical! Therefore it’s okay that we’re doing what we do!”


  25. gif says:

    Was Ricky just using any old meal as an example to emphasise a point here I wonder? If your going to kill a Giraffe to feed a village, then fine, I for one don’t particularly have a huge issue with that. However, why post it all over social media though, and look to glamorise and glorify it, when clearly a lot of people are going to be offended and find it cruel.

  26. chris says:

    Whatever happened to natural selection , survival of the fittest. Animals evolved ok until humans came along. If you really want to f… something up , ask a human. we are masters of the subject. Let the lame giraffe die his natural death . Whether it be killed and devoured by predators etc. If the local humans cant survive well ……… we have this beautiful planet which we are over populating, with all it’s side effects. And yet we end up shooting giraffes and cutting down rainforests. Where do we go from here. Maybe someone will decide our destiny and pushnthe button. We could then be debunked into infinity and maybe start all over again.

    • HunterGreeen.Org says:

      A Giraffe being killed by a human is a natural death. Humans have been predators for millions of years.

      • Rafaela D. says:

        “A Giraffe being killed by a human is a natural death”. Following your thought a human could kill a giraffe (or a lion, perhaps) without a gun, right?

  27. somsai says:

    Just because some comedian said something stupid about a hunter is no call to one up him on the science denialism. GMOs are widely endorsed by the scientific community, they lessen the use of insecticide and herbicide. As for comparing giraffe to tofu it’s apples and oranges. Of course old giraffe is sustainable and soybeans aren’t as much so, the important part of African safari hunting isn’t the meat but rather the money that supports having large African wildlife in the first place. Without a very good reason to keep African wildlife we can’t expect locals to pay the price of damaged crops and lost agricultural land. Please don’t emulate Gervais in support of hunting, we need to advocate for hunting from a fact based perspective.

  28. ben says:

    Reading through all these comments makes me embarrassed to be a human !

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