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Vegetarians and hunting

Vegetarians and Hunting a Surprising Match

March 29, 2016 • What would we think if we were told that vegetarians are some of the...

federal land transfers

Federal Land Transfers – A Conservationists Enemy

March 11, 2016 •   Federal land transfers could be one of the single largest...

the cecil effect

The Cecil Effect- Preservation of Lions versus the Conservation of Lions

February 25, 2016 •   Without question of a doubt, Africa’s lion population is in a...


December 13, 2015 • Rediscover the Outdoors Ad

I do not recreationally use the outdoors, I am not a tourist to the trees, I am a participating member of a sustainable ecosystem. A 100% organic system of life.

• The Original Red Meat •

I am a turkey hunter, because I am a conservationist.

• Carbon Wingprint •